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Was Obama talking to me when he said "Pull your pants up"?

I apparently lost some weight while I was sick.

This morning I was vaguely aware that I was yanking up my jeans more than usual. After class I went to the library to look up some database stuff for a while. After that, I headed for the ladies' room before leaving campus.

As I walked down the hall, I felt my jeans falling down. Not just falling down a little, but enough to create an odd breeze that's not appropriate in public.

As an aside, I don't really have those things called "hips" that other people use to keep their pants up. Now I can take off my jeans without even unbuttoning them.

Let's just say that if I hadn't been wearing a long-ish jacket, the world would have seen London and France. Thank goodness LA College is not a busy campus.


  1. Misha said...

    Fa Gahd sake, don't bend ovah!

  2. CC said...

    You should have seen me waddling the last 20 feet to the ladies's room. Classic.

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